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Started in June 2003, Pluris Millésimes is a private club based in Paris, London and Brussels whose membership is open to young professionals who share the following values:
  • A passion for wine and the desire to comprehend the prestige and excellency of major Wine Houses;
  • A commitment to excellence, as reflected in their academic as well as professional backgrounds;
  • A desire to be actively involved in issues inherent to this specific sector of activity.
  • Activities
    Members of Pluris Millésimes are gathering approximately once a month to attend a presentation made by a guest speaker and to actively take part in a debate on a selected topic:
  • Guest speakers are representing, and often heading, a prestigious Wine House from any country around the world;
  • Event take place at the corporate headquarters of major companies and public institutions to which members belong;
  • Guests from the hosting company or institution are invited to attend the event, together with the members of Pluris Millésimes;
  • Some events are also the occasion to invite sponsors and/or past guest speakers;
  • The Pluris Millésimes Think Tank is designed to record the arguments, thoughts and solutions brought of by the members on issues raised at the meeting.
  • More than two hundred and forty events have been held during the last sixteen years.
    Pluris Millésimes comprises about 800 members who held managerial positions in diverse sectors of activity. Most of them have expertise in finance, consulting and law.
    Members of Pluris Millésimes actively participate in all of the club activities. In particular, they bring their expertise in issuing reports on specific issues.
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